Maurice, Clive, Alec turned 3 today!

Maurice, Clive, Alec turned 3 today!


tranquil23 asked: Hi ! It's a shame you don't upload/reblog stuff as often as before ... Hope you'll be a bit active in the future because I'm a BIG fan of Maurice :)

You know how it is, real life plus other fandoms equals something falls to the wayside. But we always take submissions and anyone who is interested in being a contributor to this blog can hit me up about it anytime.


Anonymous asked: Oh this is just guilty pleasure at its best, this blog!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for your incredible tumblr!!!!!!! I discovered Maurice about three weeks ago and I am absolutely in love. It’s became one my of favorite books the second I opened it. I’m so happy to see that someone else shares my enthusiasm for this truly beautiful book!!

You’re welcome! Thanks for following! 


“I knew the sex scenes would be handled very carefully because that’s Jim [Ivory]’s way … The audience needs to know that he [Maurice] and Alec have been naked in bed together.”

James and Hugh and Maurice too’, interview by Minty Clinch, Observer magazine (UK), Sunday 25 October 1987. Photographer: Alistair Morrison. Makeup by Lynne Easton.

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Anonymous asked: I don't know how I took so long to find this movie!! I'm terribly in love with it. And I actually teared up at the end when Clive realizes he is in a loveless marriage and is likely to stay that way while Maurice runs off to live his life. It was so heartbreaking. ): I honestly wish Maurice and Clive could have had a happy ending but I'm glad Alec was there for Maurice nevertheless. (wish I had a higher quality video too lol)

Man, the ending. THE ENDING. Especially with that score. I feel really bad for Clive, on the one hand he did make his own bed, so he’s gotta lie in it. But I sometimes see a lot of Clive hate and it really does Clive a disservice; it’s hard enough being honest to oneself and brave enough to follow one’s heart NOW, let alone then in a time when doing so would easily get you thrown in jail, flogged, and/or killed. So it is sad for Clive, and sad knowing how much more common his story was than Maurice’s or Alec’s. 

I don’t think Clive and Maurice would have worked out. The entire time they’re together Maurice can barely steal an embrace or kiss (not on the lips) on rare occasions, and I don’t think Maurice was truly fulfilled living like that, and I don’t think Clive was prepared to go beyond it. So even if Clive had never ended it, never gotten married, I think Maurice would feel unfulfilled without realizing it, so I think Clive did him a favor in the end.

Anyway, thanks for your ask! You should think about ordering a DVD of it or something, you’re missing out on some gorgeous cinematography with these low quality streams!


Anonymous asked: Just watched it for the first time the other night. Completely obsessed. It's been on my mind constantly! Fantastic movie. And now I've been directed to your fantastic blog!

Thank you! The blog is not as active as I’d like but I’m glad you are enjoying it and that it might be able to help feed / quell your newfound obsession! This movie has a way of doing that, it’s easy to really fall for it rather than just liking it.


See Maurice (James Ivory, 1987) on the big screen! For free! On a Saturday! At the British Museum!

Details here

Online pre-booking advised. And you’ll need to get up early: Maurice is on at 10.45am!

It’s part of a day of free movies exploring love and marriage in the context of LGBT cinema, co-organised by London’s LGBT Camden Forum. The others are Flames of Passion (Richard Kwietniowski, 1989), Small Town Gay Bar (Malcolm Ingram, 2006) and Cloudburst (Thom Fitzgerald, 2011).


Anonymous asked: I recently watched Maurice for the first time and loved it immensely. I plan to read the book very soon. I have a few questions left over from twice watching the film that the book may answer but that are nagging me anyway. First, did Clive and Maurice ever consummate their relationship? Or did Clive insist on a chaste romance from the beginning? Second, how did Alec know about Maurice and Clive's affair? And, finally, is Alec bisexual? Or is the priest mistaken about the sex of his trysts?


Clive and Maurice did not consummate. I assume Alec found out through Simcox, who witnessed multiple occasions of Clive and Maurice being intimate with each other, or it’s possible Alec saw it for himself, because it’s obvious that Clive was less than discreet around his servants. Alec is in fact bisexual.

Glad you enjoy the film! The book should elucidate some of the things you are fuzzy on and help expand your understanding of Maurice, but I hope this response helped for now!

Added by exponential63: Reblogging this because something to add about ‘how Alec found out’. Yes, he’d know partly through working with Simcox – but also through Milly the maid.

This ties back to Anon’s question/MCA’s answer about Alec’s bisexuality, which is canon in Forster’s novel, got cut out of the film – but a trace remains in Deleted Scene 4 (one of several included on the 2004 Merchant Ivory double DVD edition of Maurice). Not only has Alec been ‘guilty [sic] of sensuality with women’, as the Reverend Borenius says – prior to Maurice, he had a flirtation (and possibly more) going on with Milly. 

Back in 2012, I posted a crazily detailed answer to this question on my LJ – complete with supporting links to all the relevant film cues! For anyone who’d like that, here it is again.


wyntremalfoy asked: *curls up into a ball* *falls to floor* *weeps* *flails about and makes incoherent noises* ~Maurice~ blog.... Thank you thank you thank you

The Maurice blog is here for you. It’s going to be okay.